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"Thanks for the bumpers I received recently, your quality has blown me away. The rear bumper has already saved from significant body damage when I backed into a tree the other day and the trailblazer bumper didn't budge when I winched myself over a fallen log. I've received a ton of compliments and looks from lots of people in town. Thanks again." - Brian

"The Custom 2x4 rock rails you fixed up for my TJ RULE!! I had you modify them to fit a 1\" body lift, and only stick out 1\" from the body. WOW!! these things have slid me across some nasty rocks and only needed a little touch up paint!! too cool!!!" - Keman, Seattle WA

" All of your products were easy to install as directed, and the specificications were spot on. I wanted to wish you and your colleagues the best and to let you know I appreciate your efforts." - Rick

"Just a quick email to tell you that your bumpers are great. I was rear ended on the interstate 2 nights ago and was able to drive away without any damage to my Jeep. There was a traffic jam and I had just come to a stop when I was hit by a mid 90's, mid-size chevy. He hit me hard enough that he went under my Jeep and I ended up with my bumper and hi-lift jack resting on his hood. The only damage I sustained was a little paint exchange on a bit of the bumper and on the bottom of the jack. His car was driveable, but pretty badly damaged (bumper, grill, lights, hood, fender)." - Pete

"I am the owner of the 96 tacoma and i got burried so deep in the oklahoma river that it took a tow truck to pull me out and it ended up breaking two 5,000 pound tow straps but the rear bumper held up to everything great job." - David, Oklahoma City OK

"Your rock rails took a big chunk out of a telephone pole today!! No damage to my jeep. Best investment in protection I ever made!!" - Anonymous

"I finished the installation of the bumper and tire carrier Saturday. It looks great and is a nice addition to my Jeep. I like how I can still see out the rear window also. Having a tire carrier I assumed my rear view mirror would be useless, but with this setup, its still usable. Thanks for everything." - Nathan

"I just installed your bumper and tire carrier on my Jeep XJ and it is very well built and super beefy. You have a great product." - Tom, Albuquerque

"I recently purchased the Cherokee Tapered Winch Bumper and the front and rear diff covers for my project XXL-XJ.  The fit and finish of your products are awesome! It only took me couple of hours to install the bumper, hook up the winch and get back to off roading!  Thanks a lot for a great products, it was well worth the drive to come pick them up.  See you again soon to pick up that rear bumper, double tube rocker guards and what ever else you can talk me into buying!" - Loren, Tulsa

"I thought that I would drop you a line and say thanks again for building a great bumper!  I definitely put it through the test this past weekend.  A group of us went out on a little night run last Saturday night and I ended up flopping over in a gully.  The angle and location I ended up in was, to say the least, pretty bad.  We tried winching using my rig and Dan’s rig to lift me out and ended up burning up Dan’s 9k Ramsey before giving up for the night.  The next day we re-thought things and used snatch block and lots of chains and lifted my XJ right out of the washout I was in and back on all fours.  Your winch bumper never so much and creaked or groaned the whole time, even under the stress of my 10k winch with the cable running through 2 snatch blocks and back to the rear.  Attached are a few pictures of the night and a link to the video on our website of the whole ordeal.   Feel free to use the pictures on your site and my testimonial… If anyone asks, I will tell them exactly how great your bumpers are!" - Loren tulsaoffroad.com

"custom 4x4,
heres a picture of my 99 cherokee. your bumpers have taken some hard abuse and only show some "slight" scratches. i have the front xj winch bumper and the rear with swing away tire carrier. thanks for fabing some sweet steel. i'm a metal sculptor and have used the bumper and winch to set up several massive steel sculptures! always good to have a solid base." - Matt R. ny/redding ct (PHOTOS HERE 1|2)

"Everything arrived and I installed the bumper this weekend.  Installation was very straight forward and I couldn't be happier with the whole package.  The fabrication is amazing."

"Man these XJ bumpers rock. I couldn't ask for a better built bumper. They held up great on the rocks and the mud. On the first rock obstical we watched a Ruby TJ rip it's front bumper off, ours hit and the bumper let the XJ slide right up the rockface! They look great and perform! Thanks!" - Ryan, Loves Park, Il

Excellent job from start to finish... especially since I don't have a Jeep! Using his Jeep ZJ design and my dimensions, Mike created an awesome winch bumper for my 2007 Ford Ranger. We worked back and forth over the phone using photographs and Adobe Photoshop and in about 3 weeks, my bumper arrived. With some very minor adjustments, it neatly bolted on to my truck. Mike\'s welding and fabrication skills are second to none. Excellent job... I\'ll send all my Ranger friends your way with no hesitation. Thanks Mike! Jim Duarte - www.justtruckin.net

I purchased your trailblazer front bumper for my XJ about three years ago. since day one i have been extremely impressed with the craftsmanship of the bumper. It has taken a lot of abuse from trees and rocks and my old neighbors car. The only damage has been some scratched paint. Thank you for such quality products! - Dan, Missoula, MT

I bought the winch bumper for my ford ranger and man that thing is tough. I get compliments and questions about it all the time. You guys should look into making a rear bumper and rock rails for the ranger. - William, Little Rock

Just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with the bumper I purchased from you and how great it looks. Everywhere I go, I continue to receive compliments on it. It installed easily and works great. Thanks for the great customer service, fast delivery and unsurpassed quality - Neal, Collierville, TN


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